What is the best anti-DDoS protection for you?

More and more Distributed Denial of Service attacks are perpetrated that destroy business and organizational affairs. Some countries have adopted legal measures against the phenomenon, but this does not guarantee your security. It is time for you to implement a safeguard and not just any, the right anti-DDoS protection for your business.

Choosing an anti-DDoS solution

During your quest for anti-DDoS protection, several offers will present themselves to you and you will study them all. It is up to you to make the right choices for your security, considering how important anti-DDoS protection is for your business. The best anti-DDoS protection like Koddos bets on certain points that you will have to consider when making your choice. Here are the most important ones.

The available throughput and the deployment model

The available bandwidth of an anti-DDoS protection provider should be the highest possible, capped by the size and hardware capacity of your organization. This is because you cannot be protected from attacks exceeding the bandwidth of your provider. It is measured in Gbps or Tbps (Giga or Tera bits per second).

You should look for a cloud-based protection, as it can defend your network system against high volume DDoS attacks.

The forwarding rate and technique

The forwarding rate must at least reach 120 Mpps (Millions of packets per second). As the bandwidth, the higher it goes, the better your network is protected.

The best is to have a DNS routing, as it is always on and can protect whenever the attack comes. Both application-layer and network-layer attacks can be prevented using a DNS forwarding technique.

The performance

You should ensure that the solution you are to choose reacts within seconds to mitigate the detected attack. DDoS attacks are known for their great speed to reach the target, and recovering from such an attack takes longer time.

The prices and the support

Always consider the Service Level of Agreement and look for more than 99,9% uptime guarantee. You would also like to check the support services of your provider and ensure that security specialists are available 24/7 for assistance.