Where to take a perfect photo for Instagram?

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What is the best anti-DDoS protection for you?

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What are the advantages of mobile casinos?

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Why visit Hungary?

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Apple and Hyundai to Start Producing Electric Cars In 2024

Tech giants Apple and South Korea automaker Hyundai are in early talks to bring an electric car to the market, according to a new report. However, no concrete plans have been made as yet. Partnership Is Imminent Perhaps buoyed by the recent success of Tesla, another electric car company, Apple have... See more

Vice president under pressure to remove President Trump from office

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has increased the pressure on Vice-President Mike Pence to act on his powers, and remove Donald Trump from office over his role in the riot that occurred at the Capitol.   It has been reported that Mike Pence is against the idea. Nonetheless, Democrats are posed to... See more

Chicago Shooter Randomly Kills Three and Injures Four Others

A Chicago man who has been described by acquaintances as “a good and funny guy” has killed three people and left four others seriously wounded in a series of random shootings.   The man was gunned down by officers in a shootout at a parking lot. Nonsensical Videos The shooter, identified as Jas... See more

Five health benefits of water in 2021

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Tesla Now Valued Higher Than Facebook, Worth $834 Billion

It’s been an eventful past couple of days for electric-car company, Tesla, and its owner Elon Musk. The giant automobile company’s stocks, buoyed by reports of the United States’ policy of green energy, rallied over 7%, peaking at $834 billion. Facebook’s market capitalization was pegged at $762 bil... See more