Chicago Shooter Randomly Kills Three and Injures Four Others

A Chicago man who has been described by acquaintances as “a good and funny guy” has killed three people and left four others seriously wounded in a series of random shootings.


The man was gunned down by officers in a shootout at a parking lot.

Nonsensical Videos

The shooter, identified as Jason Nightengale, a Chicago native was revealed to have posted a series of nonsensical videos to his Facebook page in the days and hours leading up to the attack. The account was created using his middle name, Oliver.


Authorities have been examining the videos which Nightengale posted over a two-year span in search of clues as to the mental state of the man while seeking for possible motives for the crime.


In several of the short videos, he can be seen in possession of a firearm while driving and muttering unintelligibly. In another, he threatened to “blow up the community.”


Those killed in the shooting included a 30-year-old Chinese citizen named Yiran Fan, a 46-year-old security guard and a 20-year-old man. Fan was a student at the University of Chicago.


Two elderly women, aged 81 and 77 respectively, and a teenage girl were also seriously wounded and are in critical condition. According to police authorities, another woman was shot in Evanston.


The shooter started the apparently random shootings began before 2 pm on Saturday by killing Fan, who was shot in the head while he was sitting in his car in a parking garage. Next, he shot the female security guard of an apartment and another woman who was retrieving her mail, killing the guard and seriously wounding the woman.


He proceeded to a convenience store in a car that he stole, opening fire and leaving a 20-year-old man dead. Another elderly lady sustained serious injuries to her hand and neck in the attack.